Information about this survey

The Singing for Health Network is for anyone interested or involved in Singing for Health. It has been developed to bridge research and practice and to provide a platform for sharing between practitionersresearchers, participants and others wishing to find out more about Singing for Health. 

In this survey we are seeking to find out what researchers, practitioners and others interested in Singing for Health would like from the Network and how we might best achieve this. We would also like to obtain people’s views on what the aims of the Network should be.  

This survey is anonymous and no identifiable data will be shared.  

In this survey we use the word “practitioner” to describe anyone who leads a singing group, e.g. facilitator, choir directormusical director, singing leader, vocal leaderconductor.

Further information about the Singing for Health Network may be found via our website:

If you have any queries regarding this survey, please contact Emily Foulkes via

Thank you to Sonia Price, Stephen Clift, Saoirse Finn and Nicola Wydenbach for their help with developing this survey.