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Thank you for your interest in 'Discover the AI in your life' at CCCU on 14th September. The event has two parts.

There is an afternoon of knowledge exchange by colleagues, friends and guests at CCCU to share our views, experiences, expectations and goals, now that we have GenAI. It runs from 2.30-5pm in Mawell Davies building - go to MDg01

There is an open (public lecture) from 5.30-7pm which includes a panel discussion and interactive demo! (Arrive 5pm) Location Powell, Pg09

Use this page to book your place - it's free - or to register your interest in this and similar events.

We also have some questions to help us to plan for the day - please skip any you don't want to answer. If you have any queries email Berry Billingsley or FAHE Operations

3.3. At this point what do you want to do - tick one or more options:
8.8. If you are using AI chat tools like Bing Chat, Bard and Chat GPT, how is it helping you? As a ... (tick all that apply)
9.9. Are you a